Comfortable apartments for rent in Katowice and Tychy

About us

APARTAMENTS Defto Every single Guest is unique and special, approached individually and supported all throughout their stay. Starting from the reservation process up to your departure, we are always by your side. And since our Defto Apartments have been arranged in such a manner which provides both aesthetical impressions to the eyes and all the comfort you might need, now, you shall associate Silesia with nothing else but purest pleasure exclusively.
However, what exactly makes us the unique apartments that we are? Let us explain now…

Perfect location in the close vicinity of all the most important spots on the city map.

Comfortable interiors designed to spoil you and indulge your every whim.

We accept pets they are our Guests, too, are they not?

Complex equipment so that you have all you need provided on the spot.

Interesting design and extraordinary interiors.

Price awesome price-quality relations.

Full equipment
No matter if you’re heading for Katowice or Tychy, our Apartments will always provide you with everything you need. Both the furniture and all the devices available on the spot have been chosen with one thought in mind – to make your stay in Silesia a satisfying one, indeed. And you can rest assured that we will always rise to the occasion, offering such a palette of prices to you which answers the quality provided best. Our Guest appreciate that and keep on coming back for more. And neither is the location a matter of chance. As far as the equipment is concerned, we have arranged the lodgings just the way we would like to spend our short stay here ourselves.
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